Saturday, December 24, 2011

25I-NBOMe: The sky is a spider web

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This is a trip taken by myself and my two other friends, B and M. 

Our six blotter hits came in the mail a few days ago, and we decided that last night was the time to test out this new psychedelic.  I was told that it is a great trip, full of empathy, beauty, and lacking in mind fuck, so of course I was interested.  The night went as follows:

0.00: We ingested two 500ug tabs each, holding under our tongue/against our gums for around 10 minutes.  The tabs numbed our tongues and a little bit of our mouths.

0.15: B and I are already feeling the effects after thinking, "Well damn I'm definitely not sober," and we all decided to go out to a hot tub.

0.25:  M, D (who wasn't tripping) and I decided to smoke a bowl in the hot tub.  I looked up at the trees above me and thought that it was weird that they already looked like fractal leaves.  B then says how he is already starting to trip, and M and I both agree.  The cracks in the oak trees are shrinking and growing along the trees, and faces are starting to appear in the wood.  It was very refreshing to be tripping this hard already and being able to enunciate clearly and describe our visuals to each other.

1.15: D gets out and lights another bowl, we smoke it, and he heads home.

1.45: We are all tripping fairly solidly by now, and we decided to go inside to get something to drink.  This opens up and entire new world with the warmth, patterns on the rug, and lighting from inside.  Tracers are going around everywhere, and peoples trails are bigger then I have ever seen.  Pink lemonade was about the greatest thing ever, and we made the executive decision to put the cover back on the hot tub and venture out into the wilderness.

2.00:  It took us a little while to get dressed and what not because we kept getting distracted, but after 15 minutes we headed out.  The night was completely different then inside.  Patterns were flowing all over my vision and in the dark it was almost impossible to see in front of me because of the sheer density of them.

We went out into a cow pasture above my house, and there is a corralling pen that they keep cows in sometimes.  When we were walking up to it, it looked like they had the gate closed, and I got within 2 feet of it just looking at the 'gate' that my visuals created.  It absolutely blew me away that I could not tell that there was nothing in front of me because the gate that they created looked so real.  We all though there was one and we had a fantastic laugh when we figured out the truth :D 

The trails from 25i are hands down my favorite of any other psychedelic.  They seem very 2c-i in nature, but they were looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.  My dog would run by and have a 30 something foot long trail coming from behind her, and just slow walking produced ridiculous trailing.

One thing I noticed is how off my time/vision/depth/noise perceptions were, but don't get me wrong, these were all in the best possible way.  Everything felt like it had taken soooooooooooo long witch made the experience all the more enjoyable.  The noise perception threw my off a lot, as I would hear my dog behind me, look up, and see here walking 15 feet off the path in front of me, I would look away, here her in front of me, and she would be right next to me.  Talk about trippy :D

Now this is a bid hard to explain so bear with me.  Trees were absolutely alive with energy, and when there would be one hanging over the path, I would get the most insane visuals I have ever experienced.  
Picture a wall of squares, that bent away from me so they formed a sloped wall.  These were coming off of the trees into the path, and when we would get close, the lines of blocks would break apart and form hundreds of long, purple and blue tentacles.  These looked 3d, and were moving and feeling all over M.  I didn't even want to walk through them because they looked so real, and these have been my favorite visuals I have ever gotten hands down.

2.30:  We got to our chill spot and lit up another bowl.  The stars looked completely fake at this point.  Each star was very, very bright and emitted a glowing yellow light.  They were interconnected by blueish-white threads, and there was a constant stream of energy flowing between these stars.  In the sky background, there were littler dots of light that we're moving every which way and absolutely made the sky feel alive.

PS:  If you like dubstep, especially ganja white night, look up the mix KONG KANNON.  I'll try to get a direct link here soon.

2.45:  something that I have always noticed, especially when tripping on LSD at night, is that peoples faces get mortal kombat masks on them.  This was happening again, and M was reptile, and B was Scorpion.  After seeing these, their bodies emitted gold/green patterns, and it was quite the site to behold.

I have never experience anything to this degree before, and it blew my mind that memories and your attention span are so important.  When we were sitting in the cow pasture, I would talk about something, and then 3 seconds later, I literally would have no idea what we were talking about.  It blew my mind more then it bothered me, and M and B loved it when I was explaining it to them.  This idea lead to 3 small mind loops though, but I caught myself and got out of them.

Fast forward to 4.15: We decided that it was getting pretty dam cold so we wanted to head back.  On the way back we experienced two weird visuals that had to do with shadows.

The first one was that I kept thinking/seeing that we were casting shadows on the ground, but there was no light source besides the stars.   
The second was that trees we're casting shadows as well, but again, there was no light source, so this was blowing our minds.

4.45: We get back to my house and decided to get all warm and watch a movie.  M wants to watch shutter island, and that seemed like a good choice.  We made some bomb peppermint nighttime tea, put some orange chicken in the oven, and turned the movie on.  My visuals we toning down a bit by now, but I was still tripping fairly hard.

5.00:  Eating on 25i is very easy.  The orange chicken hit the spot :D

7:30:  The movie ended and we decided it was time for bed.  We each took 5mg of melotonin and hit the sack.  I loved how easy the comedown was.  When I layed down, I was expecting the constant chatter/closed eye visuals I usually get, but my thinking was clear and it was pretty easy for me to fall asleep. 

11:30:  We woke up after 4 or so hours of sleep and cleaned up.  I decided not to go back to sleep after that as I felt pretty good.

So far the day has been going by great.  I'm a little tired, but my brain doesn't feel taxed or spent like it does sometimes after I use LSD.  I have a FAT afterglow and am thoroughly enjoying reveling in the night before.

Visuals: A++
Body High: A+
Body Load: Not nearly as bad as other chems, so I'll give it a B+
Overall: A+ :D

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dream Journal October 4th, 2011

This dream happened early morning October 4th, 2011.

So what I remember is that I was playing basketball in my highschool gym, except that my basket was up above the highschool locker room, while the other team's basket was back by the main etrence to the gym.  So the entire time it was me and a friend(can't remember the friends face/name) playing against a shit ton of really good black kids our age.  The entire time music was playing, and every time my team would make a transition or a basket there would be an awesome transition to the dubstep song of my choice.

Every time we would mess up though, an awful Lil Wayne song would come on.  When I was playing, there were voices that I was hearing explaining how he edited his voice in different songs, ie "Basic French lil wayne voice: his high pitched unedited voice he would play in songs."  Shit like that. 

I really need to start doing reality checks more often, because just for the fact that I suck/dislike basketball I should have known it was a dream.

Monday, October 3, 2011

aMT + Psilocybe Mushrooms

Is a fantastic combination :D

I took 150mg of aMT on saturday along with 1.75g of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms for my first day trip ever and it was a success.  The aMT was a wonderful addition to the wackyness of the mushrooms.

I HIGHLY recommend.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

aMT Trip Report

September 24th, 2011.  Live trip report, writen by yours truely :)

Main Chemical: aMT HCL (300mg)
Supplements/supplemental drugs: Green Tea Extract, (GTE) Vitamin C, cannabis (Headband-Sativa Dominant Hybrid), Salvia Divinorium, alcohol

A little background story first.  So aMT has recently became one of my favorite chemicals, especially in higher doses.
I am a freshman in college in a party town, yet the scene around here doesn't appeal to me as much, as it is mainly pre gaming,
and then walking around trying to find a party, and most get broken up by cops.  Anyways, tonight I decided to take my highest
dose yet of aMT (225 mg, followed by another 75mg) in order to set some shit straight in my life and get a couple vary viewpoints
at some questions I have been having.

Background on the aMT now.  I bought this chemical in bulk from a vendor who told me it was 99.8% pure. It came as an HCL
so right off the bat I knew the doses would have to be higher then the freebase doses that everyone writes about.  After much testing
I have determined that 75mg is equal to one dose. So here we go.

7:17 PM: Got back from dinner (I fucking love mixed green salads now :D) and decided to take 225mg of aMT.  I first swalled 1g of
vitamin C, along with 630mg of GTE and three 75mg aMT HCL.

7:29 PM: Suprisingly I am already feeling some effects.  Inhibitions are decreasing, I have a warm fuzzy glow focused right behind my
forehead, and my heart has started to beat very fast.

7:30 PM: I decided to take another 75mg of aMT to see where it would take me.

8:28 PM: Just got out of an hour long conversation with an old friend.  Words flow out like water.

9:15 PM: Got back from a local headshop to pick up some 10x Saliva Divinorium.  It came up in my friend and I's conversation
and I havne't smoked any in two yeasr so why not.

9:32 PM: The vaporizer proved to be ineffective, but I got a small change of headspace.  Not worth the cotton mouth though.

The rest of the night was filled with realizing how damn easy hard alcohol is to drink on aMT, walking around downtown, and smoking more bud.

Dream Journal

I started getting into lucid dreaming again, so this time I decided to make a dream journal :D

Ok so a little bit about my techniques for going lucid:
I have two major reality checks that I use.  The first one is plugging my nose and trying to breathe through it, and the second one is looking at my the time on my phone twice to see if the time stays the same.  So far, I have only been able to use the nose plugging one in a dream and it worked, but I got excited and woke up.

Anyways, I'll be posting my dreams here from now on.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mushroom Kingdom

Tonight I'll be visiting mushroom kingdom with the help of some Psilocybin Cubensis tea :D
I'll report back with the deets.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Liquid LSD

So my friend bought a vial the other day, and we should have tested it before hand because 4 of us took it and didn't trip :|

  Lets hope we can get a refund.  I'm not holding my breathe though.